Another furlough day today, yay. It seems like we should be on house arrest or something. “Um, I’m sorry, but I gotta just stay right here on the couch. I’ve got furlough today. Yes, its an actual condition, do you think I’d make that up? Why did you think they rhymed it with pillow?”

But it’s a nice break from the rat race and gives me way more time to waste in my favorite procrastinating ways, like refreshing this site: Snoqualmie Hydrologic Forecast on the 32 after the hour, and so on. Who knows, I may even fix the thermostat, go for a run, clean the house, and go to yoga, but right now, I’m enjoying the wood stove, so maybe not.

Oh, and another thing. In the class I just took about blogging, she said it was important to have links to other blogs you read, in order to build a little community. But my problem (okay, one of my problems) is that I don’t really read many blogs. I’ve been looking for some good ones. Suggestions?

Blogger is supposed to recommend blogs for you based on your own. If you click the “next blog” button, you should be led down an avenue of blogs similar to the site you’re on. The first time I did that, it directed me to a series of beauty blogs. How to manage your thinning, receding hair, how to get great nails, what new products are out there for lip color. Um, okay. I’m sure I could benefit, but, well, anyways, I tried it again, and was directed to a blogs written by Mormon mothers in Utah. I’m just sayin’, blogger, I don’t think those are my people.

I tried it again today, and got some rather interesting blogs, kind of science-y. Was that because I mentioned electricity? I know! But these blogs were written by PhD students in Minnesota with smart commentary on all things science. It felt a little presumptuous for me to link to them, like, um, yes, you smart people will probably want to read my blog, because, um, I too have written about electricity. You may wish to also read about my experiments with solar energy...


  1. life between naps

  2. From KUOW Three Blog Journeys Worth Following
    Monica Guzman says that a good blog gives anyone a chance to tell his or her story — and it could inspire others to do the same. Monica Guzman is the main contributor to "The Big Blog" for SeattlePI.com. Today, Monica Guzman tells about 3 blogs that bring us both adventure and inspiration.

  3. I get sent to blogs in languages I don't even recognize, let alone speak or read. There is no method to the madness.
    And I've just discovered you, thanks to Murr, and I am reading from the beginning. You may never see this comment since it's from a long-ago post, but still, I'm leaving it here. I love, love, love your writing!


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