Wednesday, March 10, 2021

March 10

There are two events that I order my week around: Wednesday is garbage day, and on Friday, at 5:00, I have a Manhattan with two cherries and quietly toast the passing of another week alone with my dog. All the other days are the same. I got super excited today because I could just tell that it was one of the special days. And just now, at 4:30, I realized that it's only garbage day.

But guess what?  Crocuses!  I have am growing the world's tiniest crocus flower; it is so magical that I've been watching to see if a miniature person might be nearby, because I think it is possible that a leak into an alternate miniature universe in the middle of the earth is right here in my garden. 


  1. Hello dear Betsy-yes crocus and crabapple blossoms and spinach and lettuce starts. Today the bluest sky, sprinkled with sun. And I'm waiting on a woman in labor, after a year of being home. So baby humans too. XXXX Beth

  2. All you need now is to find a tiny toadstool, one of those redcap ones with white dots. A magical tiny person will be sitting on it and dipping its finger into the crocus for a taste of saffron for, naturally, your crocus will be the one offering delicious spice.

  3. Oooooh! We may be connected! I have a crocus portal also! Very excited. And also garbage day, made extra festive this week because it’s glass-pickup day as well.


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