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Horoscopes a la Pliny the Elder

I’m reading excerpts from Pliny the Elder’s encyclopedia.That guy!He wrote a 37 volume encyclopedia of everything, from his head. His actual head.Chapters on all aspects of the universe, natural world, magic, medicine, and mining.An enormous, opinionated compendium of all that he knew.He lived from 23 – 79, back when the years only had two digits.  He wrote this all without going to the internet or even the library.It’s lovely and awkward and inappropriately decisive.About trees:
“The treasures within the earth were long hidden, and trees and forests thought of as her ultimate gift to mankind.From trees first came food, and their leaves made mens caves more comfortable; their bark provided man with clothes.Even in our day and age, some primitive races live in this manner.”
Or this, about portraiture:
“Portraiture, the medium by which exact likenesses of people were handed down through the ages, is completely out of fashion.Bronze shields are set up as monuments; they bear a design in sil…