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What are we marching for?

I’m planning to dress as a vegetable and walk through my town in a few weeks.I’m pretty sure that at least a few people will join me. If so, it will be an actual parade. If not, I’ll be one more harmless weirdo walking around the planet. While the country is swept up in a whirlwind of marching for important reasons, this parade doesn’t have an obvious cause.It’s simply a surprise party for the vegetables, to welcome them back for another growing season. Our area grows abundant produce.But it’s also known for dropping pianos from the sky, a quirky bit of history that we are inordinately proud of. As one of my friends says, “another week, another god damn piano drop.” The first piano drop was on April 28, 1968, when onlookers in Duvall wondered not “what is the sound of one hand clapping,” but rather, sought to answer the LSD-inspired koan: what is the sound of one piano from helicopter? Live music was performed by Country Joe and the Fish, a year before they played at the somewhat more fa…