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#Problemnotaproblem, Episode 1

I thought I'd try something new today, a possible regular feature that needs a name (suggestions welcome).  For the moment, we'll call it RealProblem/Not Real Problem.

Not Real Problem:  Getting out of bed.

I woke up this morning in my 32 degree bedroom, which is perfect for sleeping when you're under a pile of heavy quilts, but not perfect for getting up.  The other thing that makes it not perfect is the sock situation.  They say you can't fully step into your future until you can imagine it.  When I'm snuggled in bed, warm and cozy, all I can see in my future is shivering near the sock drawer because it's time to do laundry and I'm down to that one weird pair of polyester argyle socks that I bought at a creepy outlet store during a sock emergency (water over the rubber boots).

So I lie in bed, stuck, trying to imagine a bright future, and nothing comes.  Trump, and all the scary shit that's going on in the world, and I'll have to face it in bad s…

Fake News Meets Fake Astrologist

Pisces (2/19 – 3/20):  I saw a person in town a few weeks ago whom I recognized from a Sasquatch tracking website, because I stalk the people who stalk the Big Foot.  If Big Foot were stalking me, it would complete the merry circle of curiosity that makes the world go round.  Anyway, I'm too shy to actually go up and ask him all the questions I have (starting with, "really?"), so I borrowed a book about Big Foot from the library and carried it around prominently, hoping I would bump into him and it would lead to a conversation.  But that didn't happen, and I kept leaving it around, and the good citizens of our town kept returning it to the library, and the librarians, well, I shudder to think what what's going through their heads when they repeatedly returned a book about bigfoot to my shelf. But, my dear Pisces, the point is this:  there are good out there. People who will return your library book.  People who will study mysteries.  People who will stand up for …