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Sunday thoughts

I was asked to talk about intimacy in my Unitarian* church this morning.  I thought I'd put it up here.
************************************ I’m surprised that I’m the one up here talking about intimacy. I’ve been single for over a decade, haven’t been on a date in over four years.  I am that cat lady, but I don’t even have the cats.  So sure, I’d love to get up in front of a bunch of people and talk about intimacy!  Next, I’ll be offering tips on how to fly an airplane.  
But my life is not without intimacy.  I have deep, trusting relationships with both of my adult children that I cherish beyond words.  And I have a number of close, significant friendships that sustain me.
I believe that the highest expression of humanity is to connect deeply, truthfully, and altruistically with others.  It’s what builds empathy, creates kindness, and makes life worth living.  Our deepest need is to connect.
I also believe that, as we all know but keep learning over and over (oh, is that just me…

Write write write

Many of us think about writing, and wish we would write.  In fact, we're going to, as soon as we get time.  And an idea.  And a pen, and a bit of privacy, all at the same time.  We have better chances of being struck by a meteor than having all of that come together.  (Confession:  I made that up.)
The biggest problem about writing is all of it.  First, getting ass to chair.  Then, once you get there, having an idea, and feeling like the time expenditure is worthy, and ignoring the giant and distracting time-suck of the internet, and sticking it out through those first uncomfortable moments where the blank page stares at you, judgingly, and you write your first reluctant words.
But guess what?  THE WORLD NEEDS YOU TO WRITE!  It sounds cheesy, but it's true.  Here’s why:if you slice everything away, and look for the core of what you need in your life, it’s richness and connection.We need the ups, the downs, the intimacy, the boredom, and the excitement that creates the texture th…