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Advice Column, The Podcast

Well, we're trying something new today.  My son, Riley, is learning about editing sound and recording humans and so on.  So, we've been recording our typical advice column discussion.  Here's the first one, just to try it out.  It might be too much blah blah blah, and I trust that you'll let us know.  Enjoy.

"Working" at home

It starts out great.  You roll downstairs and have a cup of coffee while scrolling through Facebook, and just for old time’s sake, you look at the traffic websites, grateful that you aren’t affected.  You look out the window at trees, and think about how lucky you are to just stay in this beautiful setting.  Well, it’s kind of a mess inside, but still, looking out the window is lovely.

You decide that, with all the time saved on commuting, you can throw in a load of laundry before you get started on your work day.  But as you press the detergent pump thing, it doesn’t spring back very quickly.  Is that because of the temperature of the room (60 degrees)? You decide to start a fire, which is good, because it’s the first thing all day that requires you to be fully dressed.  You go outside to get wood, and it seems as though, since you’re already outside, you might as well take a walk.  That way, your mind will be clear and READY FOR WORK.

After your walk, you go back inside and decide…

Horoscopes for the New Year

Pisces (2/19 – 3/20):  I received a text the other day from one of my favorite Pisces; he sent me a photo that demonstrates his prowess with sorting laundry by color.  It was the first text I've ever received about dryer lint, so you can imagine the complicated joy I'm feeling right now.  Pisces, find your own complicated joy this week!  You might have to

Aries (3/21 - 4/19): One of my [many] problems is that now that I need reading glasses, which is recent, I have trouble reading on my side in bed, the preferred position.  The side bar presses into the side of my head, and the glasses shift upward, away from the eye area.  Is anyone working on this problem?  It seems like a pillow with a cushioned half-pipe embedded for the glasses arm might work.  Can you work on that, Aries?  Because here's what we know:  the only think you have control over is working hard, doing good things, behaving well.  Everything else is out of your hands.  And what could be more important…