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The Dollar Store, and Lifting Up Out of Squalor

I was on my way home from Installment #1 of "Lift Ourselves Out of Squalor" (LOOS), in which I will be helping a friend, who in turn will be helping me, in the project of gaining some semblance of order and lack of squalor in our houses and grounds.  (Doesn't "grounds" sound fancy?)  I'm the sort of person who works around things that normal people would fix.  Like, if a lightbulb goes out, I stop using that area and move toward a different light like a moth.  If a sink starts dripping, I turn it off at the base, and stop using that sink.  And so on.  (The only thing I have going for me is that I'm not very aquisitive; I'm not a hoarder.  Oh, and I don't have a million cats.  That's two things, if we're counting.)  I like to call this being flexible, but it's leading toward squalor, and I'm super excited to have a buddy in lifting ourselves up out of this condition.  But that's not the point.

The point is that I went into a…

Duplicate universes and so on.

Things I don't know about.  In most cases, the internet could explain.

1.  Duplicate bridge.  I could look it up.  But first, let's think about it.  Does everyone, at different tables get the same hand?  I get why that would be an interesting way to compare skills, like playing golf on the same course or something (to throw in something else I know nothing about), but my questions are more practical.  Do you create decks that are in the same order, and then deal?  Or does someone set it all up ahead?  Okay, I'm going in for answers.   

The answer:  you deal, and then after the game, hand your intact hand to the next table. Now that's brilliant, and so much easier than my vision of some lady sorting decks of cards to match each other.  Duplicate bridge, it turns out, is a low stakes version of the twins separated at birth experiement.  (The twins turn out the same, I think.  It's mostly nature.  But you knew that.)

2.  How to animate well enough to make a short film of…