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Things that I'll never stop being fascinated by

Time travel.  I think it's why we have these brains, to think about time travel.  Not thinking about time travel every day is sort of like having electricity and sitting in the dark.  Oh, that's a terrible analogy.  Ok, more like having legs and never walking.  There are all the great campy movies, and the opportunity to think hard. And, we all spend much of our time doing that: thinking about the past, wondering about the future.  (Me?  98 percent time travel.  2 percent on my yoga matt.)

Messages in bottles.  What's not to love? That someone took a bottle with a cork  -- and that's quaint right there -- but they decided to mail someone a message by way of the ocean, and it's often a sweet message full of hope and love.  Arrgh.  A tiny tear leaks out when I think too hard about that.  Why choose the ocean?  Oh right.  Probably because the ocean has been so generous with us.  And is also full of hope and love, not to mention octupuses and seals.

Amnesia stories.  I…

Half mast and other random thoughts.

1.  About 10 years ago, I was in Black Diamond, a small town near here, and noticed the flag at half mast.  I expected something big, so I pulled over and went into the post office to inquire.  The lady said that the postmaster died.  Right?  Didn't the flag being halfway up the pole used to give you a start?  Like, "OH MY GOD, JFK's BEEN SHOT!"  Or some form of apocalypse happened. Now it's like, "yeah, the guy that put it up has Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and that's as far as he could pull the rope.  Anyway, two out of the three official flags in our town were at half mast yesterday and no one knew why.  I find this disturbing.

2.  I don't know if there will ever be a thing as beautiful as Stevie Nicks singing Landslide.  On this planet, at least.  Go listen right now.

3.  Which reminds me: as far as I know, I won't be able to listen to music after death.  That may be the worst part about being dead, though I won't know til later, I suppose.…