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Sock #2

I've thought of bunch of questions I have, like what is a sock hop (we all sort of know, right?  A h.s. dance with no shoes.  Confirmed.), and what happens to all those missing socks (I know, a dumb house-wifely mystery, but a puzzle, none-the-less). A blog hop is like a sock hop without the high school, the dance, the shews (shouldn't we spell it that way?), the hopping, the angst, the not getting asked to go, the big hair, the girls gathering and weeping in the bathroom over some boy, the drama, the vomiting in the parking lot.  So, in almost every single way, the blog hop is better, especially because you'll get to meet Beth if you don't already know her, because she's generous and interesting and a beautiful poet, and also, not to make this about me or anything, but she carted around a gigantic box of Sun magazines for a long long time and then gave them all to me.  

The only thing wrong the the blog hop is no music.  So here, try this.

BethCoyote is a writer wh…

Blog hop

I was honored to be asked to be part of a Blog Hop by the lovely Corbin Lewars, which, although I don't know exactly what a blog hop is, I think you probably should probably take your shoes off.  (Oh, I hope that doesn't sound creepy!)

At any rate, Corbin is my writing teacher and a lovely human who blogs here, and generously included me in this mini-blog tour.  The deal is that I write about my writing life, and introduce three blogs that I enjoy.

My writing life.  Yikes.  This has caused me to pause for a while I procrastinate consider.  I'm not sure I have a "writing life", exactly.  But the questions I'm to respond to are:  What are you working on, how does your work differ from others in the genre, why do you write what you write, and what does your writing process look like? Um, hmm.

What I'm working on: I'm mostly working on trying to be a decent person.  The sort of friend who not only helps a friend move, but helps a friend move bodies if ne…

Post Rapture Horoscopes

Pisces (2/19 – 3/20):  I spent a lovely bit of time with a Pisces at a food court slash bookstore last night, but there was a weird vibe, like maybe the rapture had just happened, and we were stumbling around with the others who didn't get sucked up.  

There was a little family with three beautiful kids, but we could tell that the mother sort of hated the dad, not because they didn't get raptured, but because she had to spell everything out in a way that made her jaw look really pronounced.  "Honey, the shelving unit has just fallen on our 4 year old, the baby is toddling off at a rapid clip towards un-raptured strangers carrying hot beverages, and our daughter is standing in line for ice cream. Perhaps you could put your phone away for a minute?"  

And there was a family-ish unit, just the parents and diaper bags sans kids, as if their young people had risen up to meet their lord.  And the parents were left looking at each other, like yep, I didn't really believe …


I'm about to go do acroyoga, which is another name for flying, but one thing I know:  Our species doesn't fly!

I'm hoping I don't end up paralyzed from the neck down.  But, if that should happen, I will try to be graceful rather than bitter.  Remind me.  I'll be all, "meh, moving wasn't all it's cracked up to be.  I'm just enjoying being right here in the present.  Grateful, in fact.  Could you spoon feed me a little more tapioca pudding please?  Oh, never mind, turns out I can't swallow.  No big deal."  I'll be saying that with my left eyelash, though, so pay attention.