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Horoscopes and the Art of Womanliness

Pisces (2/19 – 3/20):  A friend has been promoting The Art of Manliness website, and it's caused me to consider womanliness, which has a pretty big branding problem.  Manliness conjures someone strong and capable, a stand up guy who wouldn't stiff a waitress or lie to a friend, the kind of guy who could change a tire for you but wouldn't just assume you need help, someone who knows how to cook an omelet and comfort a child.  The guy with the trick to opening a bottle of wine with a shoelace.  (Wait, I know that trick!)  Womanliness?  I'm curious what you all think, but for me it conjures curvy and sensual.  Nothing wrong with curvy and sensual, but shouldn't it also involve integrity and being capable and strong?  Here's how I know it's not a great word:  a man would be insulted to be called womanly, but the reverse isn't quite so true.  Pisces, see what you can do.
Aries (3/21 - 4/19):  Acting on a tip, I watched the video, How to Make Small Talk With a…

Horoscopes: The taco truck edition (corrected)

Pisces (2/19 – 3/20):  How about that, Pisces, you're first!  
I went to the new taco truck yesterday, and since I was at my booty call job, I was in The Man's truck.  There are a few men sitting at the picnic table, and one said, "So, you work for the County?"
"Oh.  It's just weird to see your trucks so far off the beaten path.  Usually I just see them on the freeway."
I was kind of happy with this conversation, because for route talk, it was way better than the usual, and I was already sort of amused. The beaten path?  

We did the 'what do you do, what do you do thing, and I learned that he delivers appliances.

"Weird coincidence.  My son has a washer and dryer," I replied.

He turned to his coworker, as if I were invisible, or at least deaf.  "Did she just say her son has a washer and dryer?"


He turned back to me.  "Did you just say your son has a washer and dryer?"

"Yes. He's sor…