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To Do List

To do list
Communicate with rabbits.  I held a tame but terrified white bunny last week at the request of S. before his surgery, before they knocked him out and cut his throat with a sharp blade.  I obeyed because it was S.  But the soft white rabbit snuggled in to my chest and I could feel his gentle rabbit breath and whiskers touching my arm, and I was certain, at least for a second, that I’d like to spend more time holding this particular creature.  If I knew how to communicate with him, I’d support him in pursuing his tiny rabbit goals.Drink whisky.  I discovered that I love the smoky, boggy peat flavor, the mild cauterization that occurs in my throat and heart, the way it wakens my nose, and it's appearance in a glass: amber, intense, full of angry mystery.  (You can tell this is a poem becauseof the word “wakens.”  Dead give-away.)Figure out what else is in the suitcase with my dad’s ashes.  Winter clothes?  Christmas decorations?  Seven years of tax files?  This, I've le…

Horoscopes: The friend edition

Aries (3/21 – 4/19):Yesterday I had dinner with the gals, and we started talking about (I have no idea who brought it up, absolutely none) mercy killing when the time comes.  The Nurse, who seems like a good candidate to do the deed, was all, "Whoa, I could get fired for that shit!"  She didn't waver when I said, "Wait, compare these:  The Librarian suffering versus your dumb job?"  But, in a surprise turn of events, The Author revealed that she's been stockpiling pain meds since 1989, and has a giant shoebox full of drugs for the apocalypse.  Aries, your entire week will be like a giant shoebox full of whatever you need.  It's all in there.

Taurus (4/20 – 5/20):  Of course, The Author doesn't want to share this Box of Empathy, I think because her primary allegiance is to address the suffering of her flesh and blood first.  

"So, where do you keep it?  I'm guessing upstairs bathroom?"  

She just laughed vaguely, the kind of laugh that cou…

100 things I love or at least have an opinion about. Okay, only 16.

Mushrooms that pop up from blank spots in the dirt into giant pillowy masses in a matter of hours.  Especially the ones I can eat.As you can see by #1, I’m trying to find reasons to look forward to fall, but I’m not looking forward to it , not one little bit.  It gets dark and rainy and the swimming stops and the people go back inside.  I'm not for that.  It's not that I don't like candles, I truly do.  But really, daylight is way better.Water for swimming and drinking and sitting in.  Especially the swimming part.  Moving through the water as our ancestors did. Those letters I used to write from summer camp.  Oh wait, I didn’t go to summer camp.  But if I did, it would have been like this: Dear C,
Camp is really fun.  Today we went swimming and did archery and arts and crafts.  They are making us write letters home now. Who’s your teacher next year?  I hope we’re in the same class.  I really do.
Your friend,
BetsyThe use of, “I really do,” above.When did signing things, &…

Horoscopes: The Merit Badge Edition

Aries (3/21 – 4/19):So, that "Go Left" post that never really appeared?  I wrote something and put it up here for about five minutes and then it just seemed kind of odd.  It was about how when you hug people, you should always go left.  Some people, I've discovered, don't know the rules of the road, and you're going left, and they're going right, and it's just awkward.  And then I learned some good things about going right, but sheesh, really?  Who wants to read a blog about that?  But here's the other thing:  horoscopes are a way to write about what I know (my tiny life) but make it about you, which appeals to me.  But the problem is twelve.  Right?  I can't just write one little thing, I need twelve little things.  It takes a while for twelve things to happen in my life, even the tiny things I write about here.  And by the time I get up to seven, for example, I've forgotten the first three.  So "Go Left" was an idea I had about jus…