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Limbic Health List

I’ve been talking with a friend about limbic health lately.  I have a goal of being solidly on the half-full side of the line every single day.  Do less weeping (or, as Ms. Moon says, "motherfucking crying") and more laughing.  There’s a list on the internet, but it has things that seem unnecessary, like "wear a helmet".  I can’t remember the last time I took my helmet off.  Right?  You guys are wearing head protection, true?  
Anyway, here’s my list.  
Bring flowers inside.Deadhead flowers in the garden so it doesn’t look like an abandoned graveyard the minute the columbines are done.Speaking of cemetaries, visit some of my favorites.  Maybe even that one by Lake Quinault near the old growth forest with Pacific rhododendron scattered about looking cheery.Listen to Wagon Wheel. A lot.  Laminate more lyrics for the shower so I can learn songs while I wash my hair.Burn incense.  Buy it from that really nice guy on the Ave.Clean the window next to my bed so that when I …

Adieu, gum wall

Aries (3/21 – 4/19):  So, the gum wall was removed.  Well, the wall is still there, but the gum is gone.  Disappointing.  I'm trying to summon all of the compassion I can for the poor guy who doesn't appreciate it when an actual attraction happens in his very own alley.  Removing a gum wall is not unlike book burning, wouldn't you agree?  So, he's obviously living in his own kind of hell.  A butterfly lands on his nose and he swats it with a billy club.  Wrong in so many ways. Aries, summon compassion where you can this week, even when it's hard.

Taurus (4/20 – 5/20):  My mom recommended a movie to me recently, Stone Reader, which is by a guy who loved the book "The Stones of Summer," and created a documentary about hunting down the author.
"Oh," I said, "maybe I'll read the book first."
"Don't do that," my mom replied.  "You'll spoil the movie."

Is that a real thing, Taurus?  Spoiling a movie by reading…

Horoscopes: The Small Town, We're All Gonna Die Edition

Aries (3/21 – 4/19):  Today is the annual parade, which, against my better judgment, causes me to weep, because it's so extremely hokey that it comes around and turns into one of those ridiculous stands of good cheer that is just lovely.  What gets me is this:  half of the town walks down the middle of the main street with a group, essentially saying, "Look!  I'm in a group, and I'm really proud of it!"  And the other half stands on the side and waves, which says, "I see you!  I see that you're in a group!  I'm waving at you and your group!  March on, You!"  How crazy is that?  But it's like everyone is just flipping mortality the bird, saying, dammit, we know we don't have much time.  And this is how we're going to spend it, by god.  It's incredibly sweet and I can hardly even type about it because it makes tear up.  March on, Aries.  We see you.  (Not in a creepy way, of course.)

Taurus (4/20 – 5/20):  I was talking to my sister…