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Horoscopes, the memory edition

Aries (3/21 – 4/19)I tried to read David Carr's memoir, The Night of the Gun this week, and it was sadly disappointing.  I've had a thing for him after seeing that movie about the NYT, but poof, all gone!  The only reason I read as far as I did is because I was trapped on an airplane and had done everything else that I could possibly think of:  the crossword puzzle and sudoku in the in-flight magazine,  3 visits to the bathroom, cleaned my wallet, listened to dumb jokes told by the man next to me, pretended to nap, did alternate nostril breathing.  So I kept reading. It's a very well-written book about sorry escapades that happened when he was drunk or on coke that didn't seem to have a point, and just made me cringe.  It turns out, the bad jokes were better than the book.  Aries, your life this week will be better than a book.  Enjoy.

Taurus (4/20 – 5/20):  So what were the jokes like, you ask?  Here's one:

A bunch of (insert ethnic or hair color group you wish t…

Tiny Attractions

Another tiny attraction in our town to go with the gum wall and the time travel portal.