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Sheesh, I'm a little shocked that I haven't had any takers for the science fair.  Do you realize this will be a big part of your grade?  I know!

AND, there will be amazing prizes.  Possibly certificates with really cool fonts (has anyone seen the movie, "Helvetica", btw?  Me neither.)  Or a trip.  The winner could go with me to Home Depot to buy more rat traps, which might not sound like a very good prize, but trust me, it will be fun.  Second prize might involve circumnavigating something with me, like a small lake or a donut.  (Do you like how I worked myself into all the prizes?)

So, start thinking about questions you have that only science can answer.

Here are some things we're all wondering about, to get you thinking:

What's the effect of one thing on another?  Like, add a household chemical to something else.  Watch, wait, create graphs.  Take pictures.  For example, you might put an egg in a vat of something.  And as a control, don't put another eg…

The Return of the Science Fair

The other day I got a text that said, “2:00.  Today.” I assumed, as usual, that it was a coded message, and one of my people was in distress.  (Does everyone do that? Believe that any slightly unusual text is being sent from a hostage situation?) It turned out to be an invitation to the science fair, which I attended. It brought to mind this problem with our world, which is that you don’t get to participate in science fairs after a certain age.

If you liked high school English, you can be in a book club.  If you liked math, you can sit home drinking alone and do pre-calculus problems on the internet.  (Oh, is that just me again?  Why did I even have to say "pre" calculus?  Shouldn't I have pretended I was farther along at least?)  Coffee houses across the land have amateur poetry readings.  But there’s no forum for the amateur scientist.

 There are sweet details in the science fair abstract that never appear in professional science.  Like, “I come from a large family, a…

Confessions and Miracle Retraction

So, it turns out that the egg miracle (see Capricorn) wasn’t a miracle at all. Just one more fraudulent thing on the internet. The sad fact is that even though I’m all about data and not prone to believing in miracles, I really would enjoy a miracle right about now (who wouldn't?), and if it involves eggs, why, so much the better.

 This is what happened. I looked in the refrigerator for a few days, maybe 8, and didn’t really have much good to eat, so kept doing that, “I’ll just have some cheese and crackers, and later I’ll go to the store.” But eventually, it was so stark that I photographed it. (I know. Please don’t comment. Try, if you’re able, not to judge. I am totally aware that I’m that person, the one who imagines miracles where there are none, and photographs the inside of my own refrigerator. I’m reluctant to confess that I also practice saying, “ohm” in front of my ukelele tuner because I like it best if we all do middle C at the beginning of yoga. But since I'm conf…

Random Horoscope-like Stuff

Aries (3/21 – 4/19)I did a little mapping project the other day, and one minute into it, the tape came off the spool, and rather than looking like the first class consultant that I pretend to be, I was that sketchy person crashing around in the bushes in the pouring rain with a wad of plastic tape, doing both ends of the tape, which involves, as you surely know, Aries, attaching one end, crashing along a compass bearing to some distant other end, tugging on the tape, having the first end come unhooked, going back and starting over, with the wad of tape getting increasingly tangled.  This, my friends, is why I can charge such high fees for my important services.  BUT.  The difference between a giant ball of yarn and this tape is that the tape is numbered, and in theory, at least, you can get some direction.  An idea of where to head for the great untangle.  Do the great untangle this week, Aries.

Taurus (4/20 – 5/20):  So, I know, this blog is turning out to be all about one particul…