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Youth and tides

I just spent a weekend with two hundred teens from all over the Pacific Northwest.  As always, it’s an odd thing, being an adult in a tight youth community, but the young people are welcoming and treat us well, and I feel honored to be included.
The thing that always strikes me about this particular group of humans is their deep sense of justice.  They don’t have the same ennui, fatigue, acceptance of the wrong in the world that adults do, which I find invigorating and more than a little heartbreaking.
Little kids often have questions that I can’t answer, like why are there two high tides a day in most places, but only one in some areas, like the Gulf of Mexico?  I can research it enough to understand and sort of explain using items like an orange and a grapefruit and a basketball and a rope and some magnetic dust and a magnet and Styrofoam balls and a flashlight and a clock and a centrifuge and perhaps a protractor (for the 12 degrees part) to explain it, and soon everyone is distra…

Knock knock...

Dear Kortney, 

I recently moved from my parent's house to a large dormitory building. Although I love being just a short walk away from everyone, I'm not always in the mood to hang out with people from my floor.

For some reason, the common 'knock before coming in' policy has been thrown out the door by certain individuals, and once they are there they can be pretty hard to deter without saying "for god sakes go home." Is there a way to make it clear when I want to be alone and when its appropriate to stay without having to drop hints that are rarely detected?
Signed, Introverted
Dear Introverted,
Have you ever noticed that there are three kinds of advice column letters?  
1.  Kind, polite people writing for advice on how to deal with thoughtless or impolite people without creating suffering or embarrassment for the impolite; 
2.  Impolite people who want support for their rudeness (remember that letter to the NYT from a guy who was a guest of another family a…

Mapophilia or Cartomancy?

For some reason, an ad popped up on my screen for a psychic reading, and I decided to look at it, because really?  I mean, if those people really are psychic, and they put that message on my screen, well, it's kind of a message within a message, if you follow.

At any rate, the particular psychic offers the service of "cartomancy", which I assumed was another word for a romance with maps.  Which made me think they really are psychic, because how else would they know about my thing for maps?  This seems perfect, I thought to myself, but now I'm thinking it to you, because I began to envision me with my vasculum and my thing for maps, getting guidance for the future.  As if a metaphorical candle dropped onto my computer screen.

Alas, it's not that at all, but rather, using cards to predict the future.  From Wikipdia:
Cartomancy has also been criticized for not providing a proposed physical mechanism by which cards could be used to predict one's future. Additio…

Vague Predictions

Aries (3/21 – 4/19)The other night I went to Italy, or at least a cheap Italian restaurant.  More like a cafeteria, if you must know.  But we call it Italy.  Aries, the point is that you can believe you're in a newish suburban mall-like complex built on the bones of a beautiful old farm, or you can believe you're in Italy.  La scelta รจ la vostro.  Yeah, I used google for that too.  Take your week somewhere good.

Taurus (4/20 – 5/20):   I'm reading this book, and ahh, it's so good, and it makes me feel like I waste way too much time when I should be out and about with a vasculum around my neck.  This week, strap that vasculum around your neck and find stuff.  (Do you even have a vasuculum?)

Gemini (5/21 – 6/21):  So on our way to Italy, the young people were talking about how they went to see the King Tut exhibit, and among other interesting facts, it came out that every 15 minutes, the museum lets 40 people in, and each person pays $25 or so.  Every day of the week, ev…

Namaste, Odocoileus

Last night involved so much that I loved:  a few of my favorite people, including my awesome rock-star, rock-mover daughter and her fine and integrity-full bf, and C and the Linguist.  And riding the bus while knitting, and being in the room while they taped this fine podcast, and knitting there too because I'm trying to make some mittens for R, and having a drink beforehand, which is always festive with C and the Linguist, because they even order their drinks fun.  She had a Skinny Bitch, and he had a tankard of dead guy.  Right?  We laughed and ate and drank and walked through the city at night, arriving at the bus stop exactly when the bus was arriving.
It was such a nice evening, and I got home so late that I decided to skip 7 am yoga today, because, sure, I could quit any time.  I planned to sleep in, wake up slowly and write for a bit, and then garden, and then oh, right, work.  Because I’m exactly like that Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, without the newborn baby and the desire to…