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Oh Christmas tree...

The other day, I was sitting in the kitchen when I got a text from R., who was in his bedroom.  "Come upstairs."

I text, "In 5 minutes."

The phone rings.  "Hello, Handset 1, this is Handset 2.  Could you come upstairs?"

I go to his bedroom.  "Wow, Handset 1, it's nice to finally meet you," he began, and then asked if we could get a Christmas tree.  Sure, I replied.  I have a rule that if I have to push the Christmas tree boulder up the hill, as in thinking of it, going out to get it, paying for it, decorating it by myself, it's not going to happen, but if a young person wants to get involved, sure, lets do it.

"Where do you want to go to get one?"

I want to go in the woods and cut one.  A Christmas tree makes the house smell so nice.  That's what I want it for."

"You mean the woods right outside?"


"Um, that's not exactly legal."

"Mom, my father and his father before him di…

Whatdya say, send, or not send?

Deciding whether or not to actually click send... Please advise.

Dear Executive:

I would like to bring your attention to the great disappointment that many, including myselfm feel at DDES with the denial of alternative work schedules.  

Over the past few years, DDES staff have been asked to change schedules and working conditions a number of times.   Three years ago, we were told that we all must go to a four ten-hour day schedule.  There were no options for flexibility.  We were told that this would save a lot of money, jobs, and the environment. We were told we were going to be leaders in commute trip reduction, and reducing the County’s carbon footprint by minimizing commuting, reducing heating impacts by closing the building, and responding to our customer’s needs by starting earlier and ending later. Although it required employees to change their lives, sometimes drastically (making different childcare arrangements, losing carpool options, etc.), everyone made the change with lit…

'Tis the season

I wrote something a while ago, when my kids were younger, and thought of it yesterday because I was at the Athenian with one of my favorite people, and the waitress who, I have to say, my first thought when I saw her was, is she still using heroin, or is she in recovery?  But anyway, she came by with the menus and asked if we wanted anything to drink besides water.

"Um, I'm not sure.  Nothing just yet," said D. 

A few minutes later, we ordered our food, and I said, "I think I'll have coffee too.  D., do you want some coffee?"

She nodded.  This is where it first got a little weird, because the waitress turned to me and said, "Right, so when you ask her, she says yes?  Fine.   I already asked her, but I guess that didn't matter."  The way she said it wasn't jokey at all, it was more like Waitress had invited her to go ice skating and she said no, but when I invited her she said yes.  I know!  It was weird, like some little jealous rivalry o…

Crow Time

When my kids were little, they had a hobby that we called, “crow time”, which is the few moments that happen at dawn and dusk when the crows go from their night roost to their daytime activities, and vice versa.  In the evening, it happens just when dusk settles in, as the world slips from full color into black and white.  A mob of cawing black birds flies over our yard at a precise time each night that changes ever-so-gradually as the season progresses.

Their hobby:  they would go outside at crow time and wait for a feather to fall from a bird overhead; they would try to spot and catch a feather before it hit the ground.  They called these “fresh feathers”.  As in, “We caught a fresh feather last night, Mom.  We had to wait for a long time for it to get down to us.”  They only ever caught one, but it didn’t stop them from trying every night.  It makes my heart ache to think of it.  Their gentle, patient little souls.  That’s what they’ve got.  What I’ve got is 30 seconds, and somethi…