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Candidate for the Zombie Apocalypse Team

Yesterday, when I was walking over to take the temperature of the lake, my neighbor stopped me.

“Have you seen Louie?” He refers to one of his three Great Pyrenees dogs.

“No, but I’ll keep my eyes open. Missing long?”

“Not really.”

He goes back inside his fence, and I count the number of times I’ve talked to him in the last 20 years.

1. I think the first time was when his first wife, the beautiful, broody woman with red hair down to her waist, committed suicide a few days after nine eleven, and I told him I was sorry. She always seemed like a character from a Brautigan novel: smart, somber, and eccentric.

2. A few months later, a new wife moved in, and replaced the funky garden art with a cheery mass-produced sign that says, “Welcome to the Lake House!”, surrounded by a clump of petunias. A box full of free items, like a blow dryer, garlic press, and NYT crossword puzzle books, showed up at the end of the driveway. The first wife seemed like she’d be most comfortable in a library; the…